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Thursday. November 28, 2013A major fire at our synagogue


A major fire broke out in the Grodno Synagogue and completely destroyed the rooms which were in use in the historic building, the chapel and the kitchen, as well as the contents, furniture, books, and equipment.


Thursday. September 13, 2012An additional section of the facade of the synagogue was renovated - the results are stunningly beautiful

An additional section of the facade of the synagogue was renovated- the results are stunningly beautiful.

After months of work, these days the work on the rebuilding and restoring of another part of the synagogue is being...

Tuesday. June 05, 2012Jewish Museum in the Grodno Synagogue

The Jewish Museum in the Grodno Synagogue was opened on the first yartzeit of Dr. Felix Zandman.

The Museum has displays of famous Jewish figures who came from Grodno, as well as documents and relics connected to the Jewish...

Tuesday. April 24, 2012You be the judge - a new course from JLI


Additional Information (In Russian):

Monday. April 16, 2012Seder Night in Grodno

On the seder night,a public seder was held in the great synagogue of Grodno for the local Jewish people, in an adjacent room a separate children's seder was held.

Before the the beginning of the holiday we...

Thursday. March 29, 2012Yeshiva students from Israel visit Grodno


Many Yeshiva students, residents of the USA, learning in Israel, who are returning, at this time, to their homes for the Passover holiday, arrived as an organized group to tour historical Jewish cities in Belarus and...

Sunday. March 11, 2012Video and Pictures from Purim in Grodno


Click here for Grodno Purim Video! 

Friday. March 02, 2012Purim Celebration 5772

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